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Asher is a highly skilled musician with a wide range of experience and versatility in all aspects of music that make him a stand out in both recording and performance projects. 

Asher has been on tour with many popular concert acts throughout his career. His broad experience ranges from blues and rock to Latin and fusion and much more. 

He specialized in Jazz and Latin music at the New-York Drummer Collective.
In his 25 years as a professional musician he has recorded more than 1,200 albums.


Professional Sounds

As an experienced musician, Asher is able to offer clients a wide range of services, including professional Recording Sessions. Whatever your musical needs and requirements, you can count on Asher to get the job done in the most efficient way. Get a taste of the Asher Fedi sound, and feel free to get in touch to schedule a personal meeting.



A Distinctive Sound

You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found a top musician to work with. With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project he works on, you’ll love working with Asher. If you’re looking for a professional musician to collaborate as part of your Live Performances, feel free to get in touch.

Stage in the Spot Lights


A Musical Experience

Asher loves collaborating with other musicians. If you’re looking for a top musician who will be a pleasure to work with on Music Arrangements, look no further. Whatever your musical need, Asher is here to make sure yours are met in the most professional way.

Sheet Music


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